Emission Savings

Their gas fleet has delivered an 83% carbon reduction, is well suited to both long-distance operations, thanks to its considerable
carbon saving, and to urban operations, due to reduced noise pollution and clean exhaust. Vehicles cost around £20,000 more per unit than their diesel equivalents, however they will pay back the same amount in the first year of operation.

John Lewis have successfully introduced 60 gas tractors, and a further 23 on order, and expect to have further 200 by the end of 2021. They are working towards their public commitment that all of their 600 vehicles will be powered by 100% biomethane by 2028.

John Lewis worked closely with Scania and Iveco to achieve a 500 mile range, meaning the vehicles can achieve the same amount of work as their diesel equivalents. CNG fuels built a gas filling station at Leyland to service their fleet.